About Buddy

Buddy Parker PhotoI am a father to a wonderful 10 year old son.

I currently serve as a Sergeant on Patrol with the Hillsborough Police Department and I am a lifelong resident of Orange County. I grew up in Hillsborough and attended Orange County Public Schools. I am the middle child out of three, graduated from Orange High School in 1991, completed Basic Law Enforcement Training in 1993 and was sworn in as a Reserve Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 1994 before starting my career in 1995 with the Hillsborough Police Department, where I have served continuously.

I served 4 years as a patrol officer and my duties were to patrol the Town of Hillsborough, respond to calls for service, arrest criminals, complete detailed reports, testify in court, conduct property checks and serve as a liaison between the Department and its citizens and other public safety agencies. I attended Field Training Officer School and trained new officers that were hired by the department. I served as acting patrol supervisor during the third year of my career before being promoted.

In 1999 I was promoted to Corporal and my duties were to supervise a Patrol Squad, insuring that calls for service were answered and detailed reports were completed in a timely manner, areas of town remained covered and continue to serve as a liaison between the Department and its citizens and other public safety agencies. I attended General Instructor School during this period and began teaching mandatory In-Service Training classes.

In 2001, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As Sergeant my duties increased to supervising two Patrol Squads as well as continuing to ensure calls for service were responded to in a timely manner, detailed reports were completed and department policies were adhered as well as continuing to liaison between the Department, its citizens and other public safety agencies. it was during this time that I attended SWAT School and served as a member of the Department’s Selective Response Team. I attended Less Lethal Weapons Instructor training and taught the departments OC Spray classes and the SRT team in the use of Distraction Devices. I was assigned as the Traffic Enforcement Unit supervisor while serving as Patrol Sergeant as well. I supervised two traffic unit officers as well as the two squads of officers on my rotation during this time on Patrol.

In 2007 I was transferred to the Community Policing Division and was assigned as the Sergeant over Special Enforcement, Special Operations, Special Events, Training and Logistics. During this time I continued to supervise the Traffic Enforcement Unit, with increased enforcement activity as well as educational activity through our Community Policing Division and MADD. I also coordinated the departments mandatory in-service training as well as all outside training opportunities for our officers. I coordinated all special event requests inside the town limits such as; Hillsborough Hog Day, Last Friday’s, Martin Luther King, Jr March, annual Christmas Parade, OCIM Crop Walk, Fairview Live, Occoneechee Speedway Event, Tarwheels Bike Events and various 5K races and other events. I also oversaw the purchase and installation of vehicles, emergency equipment, In-Car video systems, Mobile Data Terminals, and uniforms. In the 5 years I served in this position I saved the taxpayers 10′s of thousands of dollars by ensuring that the lowest price possible was negotiated without compromising officer safety. I also worked closely with our Community Policing Coordinator and assisted her with numerous departmental initiatives involving the county schools, communities within the town and filling in for her as needed.

In 2012 I was given a choice by our Chief to stay in the position I was in or be transferred back to Patrol due to a much needed restructuring of the department. My answer to him was, “Chief, I enjoy what I am doing but I will work where you need me to. I will do what is in the best interest of the Town and Department”. The restructure placed 4 Sergeants on Patrol (one over each Squad) and helped to boost morale and accountability.

I transferred back to Patrol in the Fall of 2012 and currently serve as Sergeant over one of those Patrol Squads. My duties include ensuring calls for service are answered in a timely manner, reports are completed in detail and on time, officers appear to testify in court, schedule vacation leave and also insure that the shift has the proper coverage. I also respond to calls for service and cover officers on calls for service and traffic stops. Conduct property checks of businesses and residences inside the city limits as well as in the county on the outskirts of town. I currently also oversee the Mobile Data Terminals, serve as the departments Terminal Access Coordinator (TAC) for DCI, In-Car Video systems and continue to coordinate with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and work with other law enforcement agencies within Orange and surrounding counties.